Our humble contribution to the community.

Aviation Academy is our main event, where workshops in different aviation sciences and fields are held by Aviation Club moderators. It aims to spread the culture of aviation in the society by giving the students some insights about the flying processes and by giving them mentorship during applying what they were taught into real projects or even prototypes.

Robolympics is the first robotics competition to take place in Ain Shams University. It is designed to unleash the creative potential inherent in students and further sculpt their technical skills. The first three winning teams get awesome prizes and all the participants enjoy a great day filled with creativity, sweat and triumph for the lucky team.

The juniors project aims to pave the road to secondary school students through a group of sessions; to provide some of the missing positive attitudes in community, visualize some important scientific theories and improve students’ personal skills. The project focuses on creating proactive and positive impact from these students toward their family, community and country.

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