"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? it is the same the angels breathe.” -Mark Twain- For all the ones who always seek to know the mechanism of airplanes, Searched for knowledge and dreamed of flying so high; If you give up now then what were you even fighting for! We are glad to announce that Aviation Academy 5.0 is ON! We introduce to you 8 workshops that tells you a lot about the magic and wonder of flying with the magnificent touch of science so get ready, for we are about to launch...

Aero 101

In this workshop you will study the forces applied on the aircrafts and how to manipulate our design to service our purpose.

Wind Tunnel

The main test bench used worldwide to test and simulate aerodynamic forces, to ensure that the body is stable.


In this workshop you will learn about rocket propulsion systems, the obstacles of sending satellites into outer space, and how to guarantee the safety of the astronauts during their exciting trips.

Nimbus 2000

You already know jet Engines!? In this workshop you learn about the design of compressor’s blades, turbine and it’s efficiency.

On-Flight Control

Make self-balancing system for aircrafts, and design these systems.

Wireless Control

Learn about different wireless modules and Arduino basics to design your self-made remote control.

The Broomstick

Learn about the basics of jet power, their stages, parts, mechanisms, and efficiency.

Take Off

Know the systems of aircrafts through flight simulator & basic controllers in the cockpit systems.